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The daily actual analysis in big scale and the best dynamic price tools allow us to achieve an increase in the profitability of your tourist apartment

How do we establish the best prices per night for your holiday apartament?


Large -scale data collection

As a tourist apartment management company, we use different data sources to collect market information in real time and carry out its subsequent analysis.


Data Analysis Team

With these data we create panels and graphics with which to perform pricing, trends and positions of the apartments and tourist flats.


Translation to PMS

Once analyzed, we position the apartments with individualized prices for each day of the year following the maximum potential price.


Excellence Management

Establishing high prices requires a high commitment for guests to value the price-quality ratio positively. Essential fissure vacation rental management.

Rest, we will obtain the best profitability for the integral management of your tourist apartment in Barcelona

Establishing the maximum possible price in tourist accommodations is the key challenge due to the high competition and complexity of the factors that influence the strategy. To guarantee the best results we do a deep analysis of market trends, city events, competition and many other factors that allow us to adjust prices those of holiday rentals precisely and effectively, the result of our integral management of tourist apartments in Barcelona.
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