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From Vivebarcelona we are committed to the development of sustainable tourism that allows to keep Barcelona as a tourist destination aligned with the care of the environment and natural resources. Therefore, we have adopted for our apartments certain resources, habits and practices that place us on the right path, investing in technology for greater energy efficiency, the welfare of the home and the sustainable management of the company.

You can't spend a single day without having an impact on the world around us.
What we make makes the difference, and we have to decide what kind of difference we want to do.

Jane Goodall

Our actions and practices

What we're doing

Environmental care and natural resources

Explicación, señalética y equipamiento para un correcto procesamiento de residuos. Utilización de materiales de limpieza e higiene personal de origen vegetal y reutilizable

Acondicionamiento de los espacios para el aprovechamiento de la iluminación natural e implantación de iluminación 100% LED.

Revisión de fugas
Programa de revisión y mantenimiento para garantizar la detección y reparación de fugas y/o filtraciones en el conjunto de la fontanería del alojamiento.

Technology applied to well -being, energy efficiency and coexistence.

Eficiencia energética
Instalación de controladores inteligentes de temperatura EN AUSENCIA en todas las unidades para una mayor eficiencia energética y óptima climatización siguiendo las recomendaciones de la OMS.

Cerraduras electrónicas
Sistema de cerraduras electrónicas para simplificar y agilizar accesos, evitar traslados innecesarios y brindar una mayor autonomía a cada uno de los huéspedes.

Instalación de sensores MINUT para un correcto control de ruido y aglomeraciones dentro de los apartamentos que atente contra una pacífica convivencia con la comunidad de vecinos.

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Responsible Tourism Policy

Committed to the environment and future generations.

The Story

Plastic waste is destroying the world

We still have a long way to go, but we have decided to take our first steps and hope that we are increasingly on this path. We are convinced that if we all contribute our grain of sand from the place that touches us, a sustainable future is possible and we want to be part of this change. We will continue working with the intention of leaving a better world to our next generations as well as promoting quality tourism in tune with the new paradigms.